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The following are links to web sites on magic squares, cubes, or hypercubes (by alphabetical order):

Aale de Winkel's site:
     "The Magic Encyclopedia": http://www.magichypercubes.com/Encyclopedia/index.html
Alan Walter Grogono's site:
Allan Adler's site in Math Forum:
     "Multiplying Magic Squares": http://mathforum.org/alejandre/magic.square/adler/index.html
Charlie Kelly's site:
     "Magic Squares and Hyper Cubes": http://net.indra.com/~charliek/index.htm
Christian Boyer's site:
     "Multimagic squares": http://www.multimagie.com/indexengl.htm
Craig Knecht's site:
Dwane H. Campbell's site:
     "Magic Cube": http:http://magictesseract.com/
Eric W. Weisstein's site:
     "mathworld": http://mathworld.wolfram.com/
     (Magic Square, Magic Cube, Magic Tesseract)
Guenter Stertenbrink & Jean Charles Meyrignac's site
     "Computing Magic Knight Tours": http://magictour.free.fr/
Harry White's site
Harvey D. Heinz (deceased)'s site
     "Magic Hypercubes Homepage": http://www.magic-squares.net/
Kanji Setsuda's site
Mark S. Farrar's site:
Mutsumi Suzuki's site (mirrored in Math Forum):
Paul C. Pasles's site:
     "Benjamin Franklin's Mathematics": http://pasles.org/Franklin/index.html
Ryu Nakazato's site:
     "Magic square, Magic cube": http://www.geocities.co.jp/HeartLand-Gaien/8690/houjin/en/index.html
Suzanne Alejandre's site in Math Forum:
Tognon Stefano's site:
     "Prime Magic Squares": http://digilander.libero.it/ice00/magic/
Walter Trump's site:
     "Notes on Magic Squares and Cubes": http://www.trump.de/magic-squares/


(1) Books
W. S. Andrews, Magic Squares and Cubes, 2nd rev. ed., Dover, 1960.
William H. Benson & Oswald Jacoby, Magic Cubes: New Recreations, Dover, 1981, ISBN 0-486-24140-8.
Harvey D. Heinz & John R. Hendricks, Magic Square Lexicon: Illustrated, self-published, 2000, ISBN 0-9687985-0-0.
    You can buy this book from Heinz's site .
Clifford A. Pickover, The Zen of Magic Squares, Circles, and Stars (paperback), Princeton University Press, 2003, ISBN 0-691-11597-4.
Martin Gardner, Time Traval and Other Mathematical Bewilderments, W. H. Freeman and Company, 1988, ISBN 0-7167-1925-8.
Akira Hirayama & Gakuho Abe, Researches in Magic Squares (Japanese), Osaka Kyoikutosho, 1983.
Kiyomi Ohmori, Shimpen Mahojin (Japanese), Fuzambo, 1992, ISBN 4-572-00696-2.

(2) Papers
Gakuho Abe, Unsolved problems on magic squares, Discrete Mathematics 127 (1994), 3-13.
John R. Hendricks, The third-order magic cube complete, Journal of Recreational Mathematics 5(1) (1972), 43-50.
John R. Hendricks, Magic tesseracts and n-dimensional magic hypercubes, Journal of Recreational Mathematics 6(3) (1973), 193-201.
John R. Hendricks, Creating pan-3-agonal magic cubes of odd order, Journal of Recreational Mathematics 19(4) (1987), 280-285.
John R. Hendricks, A 5-dimensional magic hypercube of order 3, Journal of Recreational Mathematics 21(4) (1989), 245-248.
John R. Hendricks, The magic tesseract of order 3 complete, Journal of Recreational Mathematics 22(1) (1990), 15-26.
Keh Ying Lin, Magic cubes and hypercubes of order 3, Discrete Mathematics 58 (1986), 159-166.
Marián Trenkler, Magic cubes, The Mathematical Gazette 82 (1998), 56-61.
Marián Trenkler, Magic rectangles, The Mathematical Gazette 83 (1999), 102-105.
Marián Trenkler, A construction of magic cubes, The Mathematical Gazette 84 (2000), 36-41.
Marián Trenkler, Magic p-dimensional cubes of order n=/2(mod 4), Acta Arithmetica 92 (2000), 189-194.
Marián Trenkler, Magic p-dimensional cubes, Acta Arithmetica 96 (2001), 361-364.
   You can download these Trenkler's papers from his site.
Thomas R. Hagedorn, On the existence of magic n-dimensional rectangles, Discrete Mathematics 207 (1999), 53-63.
Thomas R. Hagedorn, Magic retangles revisited, Discrete Mathematics 207 (1999), 65-72.

I also referred some other books and papers written in Japanese. They are listed on the Japanese version of this page.

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